Youth Leaders Debate


Youth Leaders Debate

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Young Leaders Debate

 Date    :     10th April (Sunday)

Time   :     10am - 2pm

Venue :     Ruang, SS18 Subang

Apart from providing networking opportunities to young leaders, PFAA aspires to empower the youth to take part in nation building particularly through intellectual discourse. The Young Leaders Debate is a platform dedicated to the ideals of a progressive society cultivated through an open and transparent discourse.

It serves as a neutral platform for young aspiring politicians to debate on issues affecting the country. We hope to bring together youth from all political divides in an arena where differences in opinion are not only tolerated but cherished.

“This house believes that regulation of media is a violation of freedom of speech.”

This round features Mr. Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman and Ms. Ameera Natasha Moore as the Government and Mr. Zaidel Burhanuddin and Mr. Mohsen Alkaff as the opposition.

Over 200 youths turned up for the debate. Through paper balloting, the Government obtained a marginal victory, and therefore the motion stands.

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