Malaysia-Singapore Youth Leaders Exchange Programme 2019


Malaysia-Singapore Youth Leaders Exchange Programme 2019

Kuala Lumpur : 23rd November 2019 - 27tht November 2019

Singapore : 27th November - 1st December 2019


Malaysia - Singapore Youth Leaders Exchange Programme

The ASEAN Youth Exchange Programme is an exchange platform enable to influential young leaders from Singapore and Malaysia to promote better understanding and appreciation of each country’s systems, development and policies and to work together towards addressing common goals.



Influential young leaders of diverse background from Malaysia and Singapore


Learning journeys and strategic economic development as key focus


Distinguished speakers from public and private sectors


Connecting youth with key stakeholders from government, industry and public at large


Critical, fact-based and constructive discourse


Promoting intellectualism for the youth



Governance System

Govt of Malaysia has three branches – executive, legislative and judiciary, and is further divided into three levels – federal, state and local. The programme will explore the mechanism and check-and-balance played by each branch and level to ensure effective governance.

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Corporate Malaysia

Oil and gas, palm oil, and manufacturing sectors and its related services sectors played a key role in developing Malaysian economy, raising income and providing jobs to the people. The programme will explore the role of private sector plays in developing Malaysian economy.

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International Relations

Historically, Malaysia has played an outsized role in the international arena, including brokering peace treaties, involving  peacekeeping and cross-border counter-terrorism missions. The programme aims to uncover the considerations behind the actions in international relations

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Economic Development

Malaysia’s economic policies always aspires to push Malaysia away from the “middleincome trap”, and transform into highincome and developed economy. The programme will discuss the required interventions from Govt to ensure the success of economic development.

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Society Wellbeing

Society well-being, including income equality and racial harmony, is crucial to maintain the fabric of multiracial and multi-religious society. The programme will outline the initiatives taken to continuously improve the society well-being to keep with the pace of economic development.



15 participants from Malaysia and 15 participants from Singapore


Must be Malaysian or Singaporean citizen

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Below 30 years old (as of 31 Dec 2019)

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At least 2 years of full-time working experience

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Able to commit for a 9-day programme