Senator Datuk Paul Low

Senator Datuk Paul Low

Topic   : Corrupted Malaysia: Myth and Reality

Venue  : Prime Minister’s Office, Putrajaya

Date     : 8/9/2015

"I am probably the world's only minister in-charge of implementing integrity," YB Senator Datuk Paul Low Seng Kuan started session with a compelling statement. He explained there was no such unit that was responsible for implementing transparency in other countries, meaning he had no counterparts. By appointing a minister with this portfolio, our government acknowledged that there was a need to combat corruption, although this move might not be politically correct.

Datuk Paul debunked the myth that Malaysia was a failed state, as proven by our economy, employment rate and freedom of speech.

He highlighted the need to champion good governance and integrity as central elements of good leadership. To prevent a corrupted political institution from forming, political integrity was the key. And one of the moves, he said, was to regulate political financing.

Datuk Paul’s mission was to establish regulations for political financing in Malaysia at international standards. His path ahead was definitely a bed of roses, but he was determined as he believed that “greatness comes from solving big problems”.

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